Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke.
    Death from stroke occurs every four minutes.

    Globally, stroke is a leading cause of death and the leading cause of
    disability. Emergency treatments to limit the risk of disability are
    available but must be administered within a brief window of time.

    Learn how to recognize the 5 main stroke syndromes, perform a
    focused neurologic evaluation, understand prehospital and emergency
    department protocols, describe the differential diagnosis of acute
    stroke and the logistics of an emergency acute stroke response team,
    know how and when to administer  t-PA to acute ischemic stroke
    patients, and apply the six aspects of acute stroke care to hospitalized

    One of the great advantages to the course system is the accurate
    understanding and reporting of stroke symptoms by EMS personnel to
    the ED AND the ED team’s ability to reproduce the same evaluation to
    rapidly access changes in the patient’s condition.

    Advanced Stroke Life Support ® is a practical, hands-on, 8-hour
    course that:
    •        Was developed by experts in stroke, emergency medicine,
             prehospital care, and nursing education
    •        Is updated and improved continuously
    •        Has been used to train thousands of EMS personnel, nurses,
             and physicians from hundreds of institutions across the U.S. and
             throughout the world
    •        Provides a unique neurologic assessment tool-the MEND exam-
             ideal for both prehospital and hospital use
    •        Satisfies the educational requirements for Joint Commission-
             certified primary stroke centers

    The ASLS course is provided in Pre-hospital and Hospital formats,
    simultaneously or separately.

    Who should take this course:  Physicians, Mid-level practitioners,
    Nurses, Paramedics, EMT-I and EMT’s.  

    Cost for the course, which includes the book, laminated pocket
    reference card, certification card, and accreditation fee is typically

    Accreditation for CE hours for nurses is through ANCC.  
    EMS personnel CE will be accredited through CAPCE.